One chapter closing, another opening

In many cultures, we learn that “every end is a new beginning”; a positive approach to life supported by a “beginner’s mind”, which is curious and open to life-long learning and incremental…

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CZ seminar 1

ASAP project and its results centre stage

While November is a month when natural light becomes scarce in our part of the world and nature prepares for winter, quite the opposite was true for the ASAP project. Indeed, the light was shining…

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HU NOC Strategy

Hungarian Olympic Committee makes important strides in the area of sustainability

While the ASAP project partners were finalising the last project outputs and getting ready for the ASAP Forum, the Hungarian Olympic Committee’s (HU NOC) sustainability team landed an impressive…

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ASAP Forum

ASAP Forum: Inspiring Sustainability in Sport

And it’s a wrap! Or almost. <br> <br> The ASAP Forum - ASAP’s flagship event – has concluded the main part of the project by providing a platform to National Olympic Committees (NOCs), national…

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Comms cheat sheet

ASAP Cheat Sheet: a guide to sustainability communications in the sport sector

Why is communication important for any sustainability programme or strategy? Simply put, it will make or break any sustainability programme. Well-designed and executed communications will help any…

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Case study_CZ

ASAP Case Studies: experience-based recommendations for the sustainability strategy creation process

As the ASAP project approaches its finish line, it is a good time to look back at the strategy creation process and share with the sport movement the key take always and learnings from the respective…

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