In concrete terms, 4 national ASAP seminars took place with a total of 200 onsite participants. Each partner organisation approached their event, one of the main purposes of which was to present the ASAP project results, in a different way, all of them, however, targeted national sport federations.

  • Czech Olympic Committee organised the first ever “Sustainability-in-sport” seminar for national sport federations and that back to back with the ASAP Forum as to provide the participants with an all-round understanding of a strategic approach to sustainability and how such approach can help sport organisations overcome current challenges.
  • Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee integrated the topic of a strategic approach to sustainability in its annual forward-looking conference “Sport (R)Evolution”. The 2022 edition brought together a number of excellent speakers, including ASAP project team member, Igor Kovac, who shared their experiences and examples of good practice with close to 150 participants.
  • The main purpose of the seminar organised by the Finnish Olympic Committee was to start an interim evaluation of the joint Sustainability Programme of the Finnish Sports Community 2020–2024 and to gather insights for its revision. The ASAP project and its results were presented to inspire and motivate sport federations to develop their own sustainability work and that in a strategic manner.
  • The last in the series of national ASAP seminars was organised by National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark (DK NOC). The event brought together 15 board members of national sport federations to hear about the ASAP project and to share experiences regarding climate and sustainability. The seminar served also as a platform to launch a new permanent political network on climate and sustainability in sport. DK NOC plans to broaden the network in the coming months and reconvene its members again next summer.

The number of stakeholders to whom the project results were presented in the past weeks was not limited to the 200 attendees of the National ASAP seminars, though, as the ASAP project team members were given the opportunity to speak about the project at several  interesting and well-attended events including the European Olympic Academies Congress 2022 or the Closing Conference of the Sport 4 Sustainable Development project.

It is becoming apparent, and ASAP project team is very happy about it, that the project results will be further developed and the legacy of the project will live on in the form of various activities and developments well beyond the formal duration of the project.