Developed in the framework of the ASAP project, the comprehensive Sustainability Strategy 2030 represents the Czech NOC’s commitment to continuous improvement in all activities, projects and initiatives. It provides a nine-year framework and roadmap for transforming the organisation towards greater sustainability and accountability.  

The framework of the Sustainability Strategy is made up of four priority areas, which refer to the aspects of the CZ NOC’s activities most related to sustainability and it is framed by three spheres of influence. This framework will guide the Czech Olympic Committee's work on sustainability until 2030.The strategic objectives in each of the priority areas, detailed in the action plan, represent the Czech Olympic Committee’s vision of what a sustainable future could look like for the Czech NOC as an organisation, for its projects and events, and for its role in sustainability in the Czech and international sport movement.


With the adoption of the Strategy and its Implementation Plan, the Czech NOC has joined the still rather “exclusive club” of NOCs, which approach sustainability as a strategic and long-term objective embedded throughout their operations, events and activities. 

However, the NOC did not wait until the official adoption of the Strategy and its Implementation Plan to start changing, testing, improving and informing. Since 2021, it has:

  • Developed a Manual for Sustainable project and events to guide its own operations;
  • rolled-out and tested sustainability activities and approaches at Olympic Festivals 2020 and 2022;
  • established its very first Sustainability Commission, which has played an essential role in the preparation of the Implementation Plan and which will be instrumental to the implementation of the Strategy;
  • launched an information page on sustainability in sport on its website and presented the Sustainability strategy to national sport federations.