Our Innovation Lab aim to connect companies, start-ups, sports federations, athletes, and universities to develop, test and upscale new solutions to empower the Danish sports industry. We aim to use this position to bridge the gap between green start-ups and event organisers.

We have created a green and sustainable event guide for event organisers. This guide comes with a competition calling for green and sustainable solutions. Both the guide and the competition are centred on themes such as transport, power, venue dressing, catering or side events.

The event guide, which will be available online on the Innovation Lab website later this month, aims to address the key issues relevant to sustainable sport events, as well as inspire to take actions. The guide highlights:

  • Knowledge of the topics
  • Inspiration for goals in the field
  • Ideas for partners and marketing
  • An action plan with step-by-step guide
  • Examples of initiatives with the greatest effect
  • Case studies

The competition calls for collaborators, new business models and new products with the aim to support the development of new climate and environmentally friendly solutions. “Sport, like everyone else, must also face up to its responsibility when it comes to creating a greener and more sustainable world. This is why we are launching a competition, where we encourage all entrepreneurs, companies and the population at large to participate should they have good ideas on how to make sport events more environmentally sustainable, ”says Morten Mølholm Hansen, CEO of DIF.

The winner of the competition will be announced on 22 June 2021, and the relevant contributors will be made visible online together with the event guide afterwards.

We are on a journey where we want to inspire organisations and people to act; we want every step to count.

These two initiatives are important steps on the path to a greener sport.

We do it together and we do it for our shared future.

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