After an intensive and exciting discussion process, the DOSB adopted a sustainability strategy for its Frankfurt headquaters in autumn 2019. The Strategy defines various sustainability goals, fields of action and spheres of responsibility for the DOSB. The main topics are: promoting climate protection, developing employees and the organisation, reducing resource consumption, more sustainable procurement and catering, and improving communication. The first measures in the area of climate protection were successfully implemented in 2020. For example, the DOSB has drawn up a climate balance sheet for its office and, in this context, also conducted a mobility survey among its staff. On this basis, further evidence-based measures have been devised for the association to gradually reduce its climate footprint.

Another project that contributes to the " Improving Communication" goal was the "Implementation of Sustainability in Sports Organisations" project, which was implemented in 2018-2020 and funded by IOC Olympic Solidarity. In the course of this project, five sustainability initiatives of DOSB member organisations were supported and implemented. The content of the initiatives ranged from the creation of federations' own sustainability strategies, through an environmental mentoring concept, to SDGs in youth sport. The projects have made a very valuable contribution to establishing the topic of sustainability in sports structures more firmly than before.

With its sustainability strategy, the DOSB has set out to discuss sustainability opportunities and challenges on a continuous basis and move forward step-by-step. We are convinced that sustainability is a topic for the future of sport, and that sport organisations, as important social actors, have a great potential to contribute to sustainable development. We would like to learn from other organisations that are already further along in the sustainability process and share our own experiences. We are therefore very happy to be a partner in the ASAP project, to be able to learn from our colleagues and to walk this path together.