While all the successful developments are worth praising, and while we have brought to the spotlight at least some of them throughout the year, one major achievement stands out: the adoption by the Executive Board of the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee (SOSC) of the organisation’s Sustainability Strategy 2030.

Enlarging the still very small group of NOCs which have a strategic approach to sustainability, SOSC aims to become a sustainability-in-sport “trailblazer” in Slovakia and consequently “contribute to the building of Slovak sports according to the principles of sustainability.“The SOSC intends to fulfil this vision through the:

  • WORKPLACE: Improvement of its sustainability performance and credibility
  • EVENTS: Contribution to the organisation of sustainable sport events
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Contribution to building a sustainable sporting infrastructure
  • EDUCATION: Provision of high quality education through sport at Slovak schools
  • COMMUNICATION: Communication of the need for sustainability within the Slovak sports sector

In the framework of the five above-mentioned focus areas and spheres of influence, the strategy defines 69 measures, which have been identified after an analysis of the current situation and prioritised according to their urgency.

The Strategy was created in close cooperation with the SOCS’s mentor in the ASAP project, the National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark, and with the help of the draft guidance documents and tools that are being developed by the ASAP team.

The Strategy is available on the SOSC website in Slovak and English language.