DOSB strategy

DOSB sustainability strategy - focus areas and step-by-step implementation

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), a partner and mentor in the ASAP project, adopted its own sustainability strategy in 2019 and is now on the road to its implementation.

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12 SDG

There is no time to waste time: CZ NOC gearing up to tackle the “waste issue” in sport

The issue of waste in sport, and generated by sport activities and events, is becoming ever more important as we witness nature being polluted by plastic bottles, oceans being covered by islands of…

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Partnerships and cooperation at the core of advancing sustainability at the Hungarian NOC

For over a year, Hungarian Olympic Committee (HU NOC) has been working tirelessly on a sustainability strategy; little by little building a sound framework and programme, which will be unveiled later…

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Olympic Values Education Programme in Slovakia promotes sustainability in sport

Sustainable development and sustainability-related topics have been resonating in the Olympic movement for a number of years, and with the Agenda 2020 have become one of its main pillars. As a leader…

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ASAP project in 2020: every small step towards sustainability counts

It was mid-February 2020. The air in Prague was cold, but the sun was piercing through heavy snow-bearing clouds, its rays reflecting of the Moldau River. A typical winter day. The Olympic world was…

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Infrastruktura 1

Sustainable sport infrastructure on the ASAP project agenda

According to recent EU studies, buildings consume around 40% of EU’s energy and are the single largest energy consumer in Europe. They emit 36% of EU’s CO2 emissions. Almost 75% of the building stock…

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IOC ASAP case study

ASAP project among IOC Sustainability Case Studies 2020

In the development phase of the ASAP project proposal as well as in the first phase of its implementation, the ASAP Team has relied considerabily on the existing expertise of other Olympic movement…

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3. ASAP meeting

Third ASAP meeting: intensive, fruitful, and inspiring

Even though the ASAP team could not meet in person, the third project gathering, taking place on 26-28 October 2020, turned out to be a successful one.

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Sustainability in the Olympic movement: recent inspiration and guidance

Even though the world of sport, and in particular sport events and competitions, came to nearly complete halt during the COVID 19 crisis, many development-, good governance-, and other related…

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ASAP Team meets for the second time

In spite of the COVID 19 crisis and the confinement, the ASAP project activities have advanced considerably over the past 3 months. On 3 June, the ASAP team met online to discuss the progress…

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Kick-off meeting

ASAP project opens with a sustainability training

The ASAP Project (As Sustainable As Possible) kicked off on 11-13 February 2020 in Prague with a training for sustainability managers. The two days full of insightful presentations, challenging…

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